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The Travel Magazine for UK Travellers. aims to be the UK's leading online travel magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travellers looking for world class information and advice about where to go, how to get there, what to see when you get there.

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The Rolex GMT II Watch - Jointly designed by the airline Pan Am and Rolex for the Pilots who needs to travel across the time zones at a regular basis.

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Portugal - Algarve by Diskwizz - It was not until the 13th century that the Portuguese finally secured the region against subsequent Moorish attempts to recapture the area.

Travel Magazine UK gets ready for take-off!Our in-depth travel guides have been written by travellers and will help you plan your trip whether it's a weekend break in London or a trip to Thailand, Mexico, Kenya or other international destination in: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North or South America, adventure tours or a once in a lifetime travel experience.

We will be partner linking or affiliating to some of the UK's biggest names in travel and tourism, bringing you some outstanding value travel. We are already recommending local travel agents that have given outstanding personal service.

Jean and Graham Beven are off to Malta in March 2011 to add first hand research material to

If you are going or have just been anywhere in thew world on holiday or on business and have something to say - let us know here!

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Travel Magazine UK - Information.

We aim to bring you up to date information about many aspects of travel at home and abroad.

We will be publishing travel reviews and articles on: Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Abroad - Summer travel - Air travel - Travel guides - Travel deals - Travel insurance - Discount travel - Last minute travel deals - Travel tips - Boots travel insurance - International travel - Budget travel - Travel packages - Travel lodge - Travel directions - Travel trailers - AAA travel - Cheap travel - Discount air travel - Travel distances - Top Ten travel destinations (World) - Travel destinations - Travel agents - Cheap air travel - Travel maps - Time travel - Travel directions map to and from destination - Train travel - Airline travel - Travel pillows - Jobs that require travel - Travel Inn - Travel sites - Online travel guides - Defence travel system - Contour pillow travel - Free travel guides - Golf travel cases - Travel compression socks - Travel zoo - Top 10 travel destinations (Europe) - Travel agents online - Golf travel case - World travel guide - Travel to Costa Rica - Best travel websites - Sandals travel agent / agencies - World travel - Philadelphia travel - Liberty travel - Tripguy travel - Travel nursing - Online travel agencies - The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) - Visa and travel - Travel agency / agencies - Las Vegas travel packages - Travel websites - American Express Travel - Travel directory - Online travel agent / agency - Travel maps - Travel ideas - Space travel - Cheap travel packages - Travel Search Engines - The Travel Channel - Last minute discount travel - Around the World in 80 Treasures with Dan Cruickshank - Hawaii travel packages - Printable travel games - Travel to Mexico - Student travel - Travel auctions - Travel Weekly - Travel to Alberta - Yahoo travel - Inexpensive travel - Worldwide travel destinations - Travel tourism statistics - Online travel - Direction maps for travel - Travel books - Multi trip travel insurance. - We invite you to write for us. readers travel well beyond the guidebook routes, we are sure of that.

This is your chance to illuminate little-known corners of the globe and, occasionally, reveal a bit about yourselves as well. We will put up the features we find interesting, usually because they're good, but sometimes because they're outstandingly bad. National Newspapers and print magazines don't necessarily tell the everyday tales of travel in the developing world or print individual takes on particular places or even run stories that might upset the advertisers paying for space on the next page. We don't worry about any of these things - providing the content is true.

The travel writing opportunity here, unlike those filtered by more conventional media, reflects the huge variety of individual travel experiences.

We're not totally dependent on the excellent contributions that come in from readers and travellers worldwide as the partners are ardent travellers themselves. We welcome writers are experienced journalists who use the to air their riskier features, about destinations or activities too esoteric for mainstream print publications. We also welcome others are starting out travel writing, learning the craft and looking for markets for their travel stories and those who simply want to share their travel experiences with a wider audience.

Whatever your motives, if you're interested in submitting your own travel tales, check out our writer's guidelines.

We would like to see anything you’ve taken the trouble to write. Features should be sent over as attached files, in word, rich text format, or even as notepad files. We can even edit features out of emails, though this takes a bit longer, and clever formatting or page breaks just make our life difficult.

Pictures always help liven up features, but please don’t send them embedded into word documents: they should be sent over as low-res (400px on the longest side) jpg attachments. We can't accept prints or slides as we are never home!

A good length for a feature is anything of interest over 200 words but 1000 plus would be great.

Shorter pieces – the little gems of humour etc shine all the brighter for their brevity but we may combine these with other quips, quotes etc.

Though we will correct simple typos by running an 'English' spell checker, we don’t, in general, edit features. The articles you read will be the real views and the viewpoints of the authors.


TMUK apologise for the repetition of some place or proper names with different
spellings, but where this happens there is either no definitive spelling translation
of these words or the place is known by different names by different peoples.

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